About Us



Our extensive distribution network ensures that we cover the length and breadth of Oman. Our company operates primarily out of a central Muscat-based facility (Madinat Qaboos).

We use a hub and spoke distribution platform covering Oman with our Head Office and main stores located in Muscat. We work in tandem with our sister company Al Haq Trading for distribution coverage in Salalah. In addition, we have a young and modern fleet consisting of 40 reefer trucks.

Our vast operational processes include state of the art technology and machinery in terms of storage, handling and distribution of our products across the market. Our cold storage facilities are supplemented by a fleet of over 40 young reefer trucks which enable us to offer efficient transportation and distribution of products to all areas of the Sultanate. In addition, our palletized storage systems, the use of forklifts and other technologically advanced handling systems and computer tracking systems, ensure high standards of hygiene. Our products are stored in modern warehousing facilities across the country and our processes are entirely machine-operated, resulting in fast, efficient rotation of products, and ensuring that our valued patrons are assured of only the best in quality food products and fresh goods at all times. Our multi-channel distribution ensures that we cover all verticals, which includes:

  • Modern Trade (includes all the leading hypermarkets and supermarkets)
  • HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Café sectors)
  • Catering
  • Wholesale
  • Traditional Trade (includes van sales coverage into down market and interior tier 2 town trade, covers all small and medium retail establishments, cafeterias, butcheries, messes, etc.)